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We are committed to share our experience, expertise and reputation to connect you with the leading brands in the fast growing markets in Asia. 

We expedite

your growth

Asian seed startups

We know your struggle,

we've been there.

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Xpdite invests in Seed rounds and actively helps your team to develop more robust distribution channels, accelerate your sales growth and build better products.


We drive future market-leading, high value early stage startups forward by providing smart capital, market reach and domain expertise of an executive team.

Joining Xpdite means joining a deeply connected platform of industry experts, founders, corporates, investors & partners.

Let us know how we can help.

International scaleups

We operate a market builder to help global growth-stage technology companies enter, expand and “scale up” their business into Asia.


What sets us apart is our deep industry knowledge, global relations, and market access to Asia, built from decades of experience in technology, private equity, operations and business development.

You do the tech, 
we bring the market.

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Let us know how we can help.


We believe that by providing smart capital, executive experience and access to a wide network of corporates, we can expedite the growth of early stage startups.


as a service

Experience matters

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We grow exceptional startups into world-class companies. 

We are trusted by and deeply engaged with leading brands, subject matter experts, value added partners and smart investors who support our portfolio companies to develop better products, more robust distribution channels and accelerated sales growth.


We help our portfolio companies accelerate the speed with which they can fund-raise, hire and navigate their business growth curve in high value domains.

We create a competitive advantage for our portfolio companies by building and growing an ecosystem of collaborative partners that provide industry expertise, market reach, and technology. 

Business Partners

Our team helps founders in building a business strategy, product design and development, business model as well as supply chain and sales channel management.

Corporate Connectors

We give access to a community of experts, peer groups, mentors, corporate innovation teams and investors and provide warm introductions to the right people, at the right time.

Financial Advisors

We ensure that our founders have the financial acumen and are equipped with appropriate financial governance, accounting, budgeting and reporting structures.

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