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Who we invest in

We invest in Asian seed stage startups and create joint ventures with international scaleups.

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Our business is dedicated to identifying and actively growing new-generation technologies that address validated pain points, key trends, and business issues in the industries and corporate partners we work with. 

What sets us apart is our deep industry knowledge and market reach into Asia built from decades of experience in in a wide range of industries, 

Travel and Hospitality

Primarily B2B-focused companies and technologies that aims to revolutionize the travel and hospitality industry and helps drive down costs for business and leisure travellers everywhere.

Food and Agriculture

Innovative companies that improve the way we feed the world by introducing new, efficient, and sustainable technologies in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution process.

Health and Wellness

Companies on a mission to improve lifes for patients and health providers with innovative medical devices, telemedicine platforms, and other health and wellness solutions.

Join our platform to beat the odds.

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How we invest

We help our portfolio companies accelerate the speed with which they can fund-raise, hire and navigate their business growth curve in high value domains.

We create a competitive advantage for our portfolio companies by building and growing an ecosystem of collaborative partners that provide industry expertise, market reach, and technology. 

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We grow exceptional startups into world-class companies 

We Validate the future

We constantly validate the market demand with key stakeholders to solve the major pain points of the industries that we serve. 

We Invest In people

We back the entrepreneurs who think differently, act fast and build the technologies that improve the way that businesses operate.

We expedite growth

We create the context for growth and provide industry expertise, value added services and market reach to achieve product-market fit.




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We are trusted by and deeply engaged with leading brands, subject matter experts, value added partners and smart investors who support our portfolio companies to develop better products, more robust distribution channels and accelerated sales growth.

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